Essay writing is a fun assignment to do if you have sufficient knowledge about it. But if you lack that knowledge, essays will be a massive problem for you regardless of your major and level. So it is best if you understand the essays and all the necessary stages of essay writing before selecting your topic because the topic selection and writing argument depend on the type of essay. Essays have many different types, and you should know about them to understand the assignment.

First, you should know the types of essays, and then you can study the stages of writing an essay. After acquiring all the necessary information, you can easily write an outstanding essay worthy of a high grade. Before writing the essay, you might be confused about what you must do/learn/study. Sweat not! We have compiled a guide you can follow to write an excellent essay. However, selecting the best essay writing service can save you from this hustle.

Learn About the Types of Essays

Essays have many different types, and your assignment brief will tell you about the type of essay your professor would require you to write. The basic four types of essays are descriptive, argumentative, expository, and narrative. Before drafting the outline and writing the thesis statement, you should be aware of the essay types to exceed your professor’s expectations.

Stages of Essay Writing

All types of essays have almost the same stages or steps. We have enlisted five main stages of essay writing:

1. Drafting the topic and thesis statement

The preparation stage starts with selecting the topic. Usually, the professor adds a variety of topics in the assignment brief, and you can select any of them as per your interest. After selecting the topic, it is time to compile an argument that aligns with your thoughts. While writing the thesis, make sure to review the thesis statement checklist.

2. Research and draft an outline

Once you have compiled the thesis statement, start researching the arguments supporting your thesis statement. Nonetheless, be fair and add an opposing argument too. Drafting the outline and researching goes hand in hand as you have to select the sources. Before searching for the sources, you should study scholarly and unscholarly sources to avoid using unscholarly sources and use only Q1 and Q2 journals’ research papers.

3. Writing the essay

In this stage, you have to write the whole essay and ensure that the introduction sets the stage, each body paragraph talks about only one idea, and the conclusion does not introduce any new idea. Also, it is important to present the opposing argument and add a counterargument. Since you are writing the essay, you must use good vocabulary using EdTech tools.

4. Adding references and checking

The sources you have used should be present in the essay under the references/bibliography/work cited heading as per the reference style. You have to learn about different reference styles to make sure that references are added as per defined standards. It ensures that your essay is free from plagiarism and that other authors receive full credit for their works.

5. Revision, proofreading, and editing

The last stage of essay writing is to review, proofread and edit the essay so that your essay is ready to submit. You can use various EdTech tools for this cause, such as Grammarly, readability, Hemingway, and so on.

Learn about EdTech tools

No essay is complete without EdTech tools, as these tools are meant to ease students’ life. Many online tools can assist you from the beginning of the essay writing stage to the editing stage, like grammar checkers or formatting helpers. You can also hire an essay writer to help you with your homework.